Sustainability Report

Expressed in Minerva Foods' mission, sustainability is an essential component in the strategic implementation of business and corporate governance.

From the source of the raw material to the customer's table, the Company assumes a pioneering position regarding this area. Sustainable livestock practices discipline the social, environmental and economical commitment to the production value, processing and distribution chains of quality foods.

Minerva Foods is currently the only company of its sector, in Latin America, to be recognized by the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group, that supports the Company's commitment to sustainability and its leadership in the productive chain social environmental issues management. 

In order to strengthen transparency in its activities, achievements, challenges and results, Minerva Foods publishes a Sustainability Report since 2011.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) publication standards is guideline for the report and the most relevant issues are brought by the stakeholders.

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Sustainable Livestock Farming

The company's raw material origination criteria ensure that the ranch and supplier partners are not related to works similar to slavery; field violence and agrarian conflicts; embargoed areas; conservation units and environmentally protective areas; indigenous lands and deforestation in the Amazon.

The origination monitoring system checks all the cattle purchased by the company in Brazil, in a daily basis, using official lists and geospatial data generated by INPE (National Institute for Spatial Research). For more information, access our sustainability report.

The origination calendar for purchases made by our suppliers, in Pará state, is available.

Access here the origination calendar.


Pacts for the development of livestock in Brazil

Livestock Pact

Pact for the eradication of slave labor in Brazil

Livestock Public Commitment

In order to ensure its transparency, Minerva Foods annually publishes the results of a third-party auditing performed on the raw material origination monitoring system.

Access the audit reports of the Livestock Public Commitment:

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Integrated Management System

In order to promote a continuous improvement in Minerva Foods' processes focused on results, the Integrated Management System (SGI) brings together in a collaborative way the areas of: Food Safety, Social Responsibility, Health and Safety and Environment.

SGI's guidelines are:

  • Respect the environment through pollution prevention and nature conservation;
  • Provide safe and quality food products while working into their continuous improvement;
  • Respect the collaborators;
  • Comply with the legislation;
  • Meet your customers' needs and expectations.
Social Responsibility
Food Safety
Health and Safety

Minerva Foods adopts measures to mitigate the possible environmental impacts of their operations. The Company has goals for the reduction of water consumption in its processes, makes constant investments in systems for treatment of liquid effluents, adequate disposal of solid waste, control of atmospheric emissions, in addition to comply with the requirements of local, state and federal environmental legislation.

The social responsibility actions are developed by Minerva Foods according to the local context of the business units. The Company promotes well-being for employees and the community in order to generate value to the involved people. Attention to people is noticed in their internal integration and in the exchange of experiences in the countries in which they are present. The connections made with the society, are based in their operational solidity that strengthens that bond.

Minerva Foods has self-control programs implemented and monitored daily in its units such as: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Operational Hygiene Patterned Procedures (PPHO), Standard Sanitary Operating Procedure (SSOP), Specified Risk Material (SRM), Animal Welfare (BEA), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), among others. All production units are inspected by the Brazilian Federal Inspection Service (SIF), being valid for the most diverse countries, based on strict sanitary controls, frequently supervised by regulatory agencies.

Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment is a value for Minerva Foods. The health and safety of employees are maintained through risk management, safe behavior and continuous learning. The labor conditions and installations are maintained in accordance with the best practices of the market and in compliance with the legislation. For this, there are investments in systems and training of the team, rehearsals and security programs, collective and individual protection equipment.



Minerva Foods finds in the relationship with its public an essential component for the sustainable development of the Company.

For an effective connection, there is an adaptation that suits the best way possible and depends on the public being contacted, as specific channels are also made available to each of that public.

Support programs for cattle ranchers are maintained along with a continuous sectorial engagement. Minerva Foods operates in the Sustainable Livestock Labor Group (GTPS), the Round Table of sustainable beef in Brazil, in addition to relations to the civil society, government, education and other players in the livestock chain.

Learn more about the relationship programs with cattle suppliers at the link below.

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