Best and Largest of 2016 - A very Tasteful award



Minerva Foods maintain a solid and transparent relationship with the market, strengthening the bond with their investors.




Sustainability is present in all Minerva Foods' activities, integrated to their operations, decision-making and relationship processes.


Our Products

Whether your business is a retail, wholesale, distribution or food service, we have the best and most complete meat portfolio to serve you.

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Superior Quality

Minerva Foods thoroughly inspects the steps in beef processing, considering all regulations required by internationally and domestically responsible organizations.

  • Selo certificação Angus Brasil
  • Selo certificação Angus Paraguai
  • Selo certificação BRC
  • Selo certificação HACCP
  • Selo certificação Inmetro
  • Selo certificação ISO 2200
  • Selo certificação Organic
  • Selo certificação Natural Beef Uruguai
  • Selo certificação USDA Organic